Proprium Rapid Immunoassay Reader

Proprium® Rapid Immunoassay Reader delivers fast and accurate measurement of lateral flow rapid assays, with reading time of less than 40 seconds per assay. The Proprium® Reader is a fully portable, point of care testing solution.

  •   ►Power Requirements: Universal power supply►Weight: 682 g (1.5 lbs)►Dimensions: 18.8 cm wide x 17.8 cm deep x 4.9 cm high   (7.4” wide x 7” deep x 1.9 high)►External Connections: mini DIN and USB ports for barcode reader, printer and computer►Keypad: 6 alphanumeric keys►Display: li...
Comprehensive Solution

HPJ-1 Rapid Immunoassay Reader fit proprium colloidal gold detection reagents:




Rapid and quantitative readouts for true point of care testing

A fully portable (battery and/or AC power), lightweight reader

Simple operations with minimal training required
USB port for Barcode reader, printer and computer
No calibration required—Built-in lot-specific calibration in the barcode of assays
High quality central components made by a Germany manufacturer
Data can be exported to a computer